Disney World Listed Among Most Disappointing Travel Destinations In The World According To Smarter Travel : News : Travelerstoday

Making the Most of Extra Magic Hours


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The line on Disney World: Just know that once there you’ll be taken for a ride – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Evening (PM) EMH is much more variable. Depending on which park youre in, they can be amazing or amazingly crowded. People are already awake, so you dont have the edge anymore on those who sleep in on vacation. You do lose a few families whose little ones are too tired to keep going, but sometimes (like my crew), the kids get sent back with one or two adults while the rest are going strong until EMH is over for the night. Magic Kingdom Walt Disney Worlds original park is one location where weve gotten a lot out of both AM and PM EMH. In the morning, like I mentioned earlier, the crowds are generally lower, as people cant pull themselves out of bed. Magic Kingdoms open attractions are also more plentiful and spread out, so the crowd is thinned by that fact alone. PM EMH can be crowded towards the beginning but tend to taper off pretty quickly. Magic Kingdom is where most of the very young set spend their days, so those are the families that may be headed back to the resort sooner to avoid cranky babies (and grown-ups!). If youre visiting in the summer when Magic Kingdom is open late, EMH can be great because the younguns are headed to bed before the park has even closed to the general public. Epcot Epcot tends to have the fewest attractions operating during AM EMH, but its still worth it if you can get there at EMH opening. Those attractions are mostly your headliners, so you can get a ride or two in before the standby lines get too long.
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Each of my girls can already do a pretty good impression of their frustrated, frenzied father, 12 hours into the ride down, trying to find our overnight stop outside Savannah, Ga. An old high school buddy and his wife took us in for the night there. On the way home, we visited with them again. The rain slowed long enough for us to enjoy coffee off the square where Forrest Gump waited for his bus. Like Forrest’s momma said, life’s like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get. Soon enough, any disappointments will ebb.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/brian-oneill/2014/04/27/The-line-on-Disney-World-Just-know-that-once-there-you-ll-be-taken-for-a-ride-Brian-O-Neill/stories/201404270076


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